Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scriptures' verification of miracles?

Can any scriptures verify their accounts of miracles? How do we know that Muhamad ascended from Jerusalem on a horse or split for a while the Moon?What about the miralcle of the fall of Jericho?

 None can verify any miracles! No Amazing Randi was around to see if people actually saw what they thought were such, and to determine if they were hoaxes or mere natural phenomena.

By, experience rather than by a priori we find no evidence for miracles.

Had Muhammad split the Moon or had Joshua stopped the Sun, bad thngs for humanity would have ensued as any such matters have further consequences. People disn't and-still don't recognize that.

 Archaelogists find that Jericho had decades ago  disappeard before the allege miracle could have happened! And they disconfirm the story about the manna, as there was no Exodus!

We have a better morality than that of the writers about the miracles of the  Deluge and the divine commands for genocide, for which no evidence exists anyway!

And why does a deity perform unfair, selective healings? Why would it let  perform a Marian apparition and not stop the Holocaust? To prattle that He has His ways is just to argue from the argument from ignorance!

 Here ones own eyes deceive as with any other magical trick!

 When we skeptic investigate the Vatican- sanctioned miracles -62 in all- we find natural explanations that its own investigators overlooked. And with better medical knowledge, it will approve fewer!

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