Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pope Ratz

    Whilst he has admitted the Church's nonchalance concerning pedophilia, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth has not apologised for his own betrayal of children by shifting priests from one parish to another! Dawkins and others are right to want him arrested for that.
    Behold! Look  at all the evils the Roman Catholic Church always has done whether the Inquisition, the Crusades, its owning slaves and current matters, a truly sanctified church would never have done such evils. This adds to the problem of evil, evidencing William Rowe's evidential argument from evil, adding to the problem of Heaven.
     Such evil men as, Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao just happened to be atheists: atheism itself doesn't advocate such.
whereas Augustine and Aquinas with their love of autos-da-Fe, Calvin the murderer and Luther the Judeophobe and peasant-hater would themselves have scorched all Europe with scriptural authority! Remember that Yeshua did not come to take away a tittle of the Torah but to fulfill it, despite Paul's note about the choice of foods. Note how he calls for love of the neighbor with never destroying slavery: such blasphemy of love! He advocates ridiculous morals as Miklos Jako notes in " Confronting Believers," where he rightly notes how Yeshua as the great moral leader is the scam of the ages!
     The religious operate morally on humanist terms when they use facts and reason rather than their scriptures rather than we humanists operating off theirs!
    Lo that preacher in Atlanta!
    Allah and Yahweh are just as Ludwig Feuerbach would note, are projections of human depravity!
    Yet that miserable pope has the temerity to blame us atheists for social wrongs! Let such scoundrels look at the beam in their own eye! Behold  whilst he favors no use of condoms,his flock knows better! They transcend  his egregious morality!

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