Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Technology, not faith!

 Thanks to technology, the Chilean miners are still living! This "answered prayer"  is just post hoc- coincidental! What about those  West Virginia miners thought alive and so many thanked their God for that, but then learned that they were all dead? Ah, the believers reckoned that was just one of his mysterious ways- the unknown defence argument,but that rests on the argument from ignorance!
  Or they prattle about the best for the greatest number. As a utilitarian, no, that violates ancillary principles. What is that greater good that Israel emerged after the Shoah? That strife still exists betwixt the Arabs and the Israelis?
  All defences and theodicies make rationalizations for the exoneration of God. The Court of Reason finds Him non-existent if goodness is part of His definition.
  How could He allow religions in His name commit egregious wrongs?
 Yes, people in the name of religion can do great good, but they can do that from other motives- for goodness sake itself!
 Again, let us not permit people to do in the name of religion what I covered  and other matters! The religious themselves must help lead the way!
 What are your suggestions for making religion acting better? How can the faithful urge their leaders to lead the way to do that?
 Viewers, what do you suggest?

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