Friday, December 31, 2010

Natural causes and explanations

 Aristotle proposes that that Nature operales teologically, but no, as it operates teleonomically as science establhises that. Per Lamberth's atelic/teleonomic argument the weight of evidence prevents people from using any supernatural beings  to influence what happens in this Nature as it affirms teleonomy-no planned outcomes, and to unite teleonomy with teleolog-planned outcomes, contradicts therefore science rather than complementing it! Therefore, science and religion contradict each other, and therefore, all creationist evolution - Behe and evolutionary creationism - Kenneh Miller- are oxymorons!
   Not only does this argument eviscerate all teleological ones, but all with intent so that God has no referents as the Grand Actor in history [ blessing America and saving Jewry ( ah, the Shoah!), the Grand Miracle Monger, the Primary Cause and so forth and therefore, He cannot exist, affirming ignosticism!
 Also all teleological arguments- fine-tuning, probability, to design and from reason- the self-refutation of naturalism beg the question of planned outcome- wanted result.
And other arguments take away each of His attributes.
 He has contradictory and incoherent attributes.
 Strato of Lampsacus, Aristotle's pupil, and Thales of Miletus argue for teleonomy as it forwards science. Whilst Aristotle merits consideration as a naturalism, in this respect and some of his other notions, he set back science!
 Viewers and Tweeters, please add your commentary so as to further the information here on these people noted and Anaximander himself and teleonomy.

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