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Only 10 more shopping days ’till the Apocalypse - Los Angeles atheism

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And si it goes forevermore! Faith doth that to people!
Sure most relgious people don't go in for that goofiness, which is endemic to Christinsanity since Yeshua himself preached that we'd retun in the time of his listeners[ and contradicted himself that not even he knew when]. Believers have far-fetched outs for that return.
Our schools need to teach children about such historical nonsense impartially. And it needs to further the critical skills needed to overcome intellectual scams.
Inquiring Lynn also objurgates, contemns and condemns faith- healing not only as misleading and someimes dangerous but also as an intellectual scam. We have no knowledge that Yeshua had any follow-up on his purported healings. Why, we have no knowldge that he did them! They, if hapened, were mere magical or - psychosomatic.
Nohing divine could ever happen to cause miracles of any kind! Whenever we skeptics investigate any miracles, they are always natural, even outright frauds.
People use the pareidolia of seeing divine intent and design when only natural causes and patterns Lamberth's argument from pareidolia notes. They just have to have a superior being to frame their lives! They just have to have a superior being to love them. They just have to have a superior being- their use of faith- to get them through bad times.
No God as we thorough empiricists find has any influence in the Cosmos. That's the empirical argument, which is the all-embracing naturalist expression of the presumption of naturalism, which supernaturalists ever have to overcome to adduce evidence for God.
The presumption of rationalism calls on us to use reason and empiricism- facts- in framing our lives. Therewith, we can avoid those apocalyptic ever-current outbursts and to get real medical attention.
Inquiring Lynn calls on government to make it criminal to have faith-healings and exorcisms as they can lead to harm and to death.This does not abridge the freedom of religion and actions but goes to the real criminality of practicing " medecine" without a license with well-known outcomes1
That man in the finds himself happier but torn about the purported left behind people. Yes, placebos do that for people!
We all need to use reason and facts to frame our lives! Letting religious hooey frame them is ever intellectually false and sometimes harmful.
Yes, the evils done in the name of Allah and Yahweh or any other divinity irks me greatly, but Inquirign Lynn finds that religions are the emotional and intellectual scams and -sometime monetary ones of he ages!
Thus, he perforce has to be a gnu atheist!

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